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Company Profile

Design for Service

DFS company designs the entire course of brands. We regard our design scope as our online space to the purchase receipt that we hand to our customers in our shops. Thus, we do not focus on only one product but make design decisions from the total brand perspective.

Design for Surroundings

DFS company is driven by our desire to realize an ideal service design without any hesitation. DFS company does not think only of external beauty. We pursue designs that our customers can empathize with and benefit from. We are responsible for the operation, sales and management for many online and offline stores Lotte, Shinsegae and Donghwa Duty Free which are 3 major duty free stores in Korea. Therefore, we strive to provide a design optimized for the sales environment.

Design for Sincerity

DFS company pursues timeless designs. We do not want our design to elicit merely momentary interest but to attract customers who consistently support and love our brand. We believe that to design Korea as a brand is to make it loved continuously by worldwide customers.